RSVLTS the Magazine NYC Launch Party [33 Photos]

On Wednesday we threw a banger at a loft overlooking Madison Square Garden to celebrate the launch of RSVLTS the Magazine. Our cover girl, Melissa Bolona, who you may know from Beach Bunny swimwear, was in the house and people were sipping on Bacardi drinks all night. Our good friend DJ Daniele Dessante kept the music going all night and one of the biggest highlights of it all was the photobooth provided by whoseventbooth.comyou can check out all the photos on Facebook.

The guy on the left wrote quite possibly the greatest story in history “Top 50 Manliest Men in American History.”

@MelissaBolona seeing her cover for the first time

Melissa checking out her NFL photoshoot in the upcoming first issue of RSVLTS the Magazine

View 110 more photobooth photos right here >>

If you want to see more of Nashlly she is featured in a Patriotic ‘MERICA shoot in the first issue of RSVLTS the Magazine.

Jacket pockets are perfect beer holsters

Things escalated quickly

Rebel Gummies were a hit

Nashlly has a problem with hoarding photobooth props

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