Knee Slappin’ Pranksters Put Dry Ice in Drive Thru Drinks

Pranksters, JSTU, got the best of these unknowing fast food employees when they put on the ol’ bait and switch after asking for some ranch dressing, where the employees would reach down and grab it. Switch happens and then the unbeknownst employees see a smokey spooky drink in front of their eyes. Good fun. Eat it, Ashton.

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21 Examples of “Painful” and Unnecessary Quotes

Then what exactly is in my ear? This “Cafe” seems suspicious So, I can park here? No Thanks, I’m good… “Books”… Right… Thanks, I’ll “Be There” It all makes sense now… Sounds great coming from the “Home Improvement Expert” There may be some discrepancies here… Are the features not special or…

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Physicist in a Pool Fires An Underwater Rifle On Himself, You Know, For Science

When it comes to pushing science to the limit, Norwegian physicist, Andreas Wahl isn’t afraid to.. well die in the name of physics. Wahl is known for demonstrating scientific principles in extreme and sometimes dangerous ways on the TV show “Life on the Line”. In previous episodes the physicist has…

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This Incredible Iraq War Veteran Plows Snow With His Badass Wheelchair

Justin Anderson served in the US Army during the Iraq War before having his left leg amputated and battling brain cancer. To help him get around, the Independence Fund donated a badass off-road wheelchair. In an effort to give back to his local community, Justin attached a snow blade and…

SHARK TANK - "Episode 520" - A Portland, Oregon entrepreneur has a juice and smoothie cart with blenders powered entirely by pedaling vintage bikes, and a former CIA officer based in Cedar City, Utah teaches customers how to pick locks, escape handcuffs and disappear without a trace with his classes. Former pro wrestler Dallas Page and his business partner in Smyrna, GA pitch a fitness program based on yoga movements which is high energy and zero impact, and a woman from Atlanta, GA pitches her breakfast brand which includes southern specialties. We get an update on Gameface, from Tyler, TX, a temporary face paint transfer in which Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested last season, on "Shark Tank," FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (9:00-10:01 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Photo by Michael Ansell/ABC via Getty Images)

7 Pieces of Advice Mark Cuban has for the Next Powerball Millionaire

The Powerball lottery has reached a record high of $1.4 billion. So much cheddar. This Wednesday night, someone might just win that incredible jackpot taking home $600+ Million immediately. Though you might think if you won, you’d have it all on lock, billionaire, Mark Cuban has a little more insight…


Illustrated Guide to the Cyclists of New York

Illustrator Kurt McRobert has created a guide of NYC’s cyclists which includes 12 types of cyclists you will 100% see if you walk a block in any direction. Whether one “has no time for bs,” or another who is “the newest hazard to everyone on the road,” each illustration is highlighted with clever descriptions.…


Artist Condenses The Known Universe Into A Single Image

Using information from logarithmic maps created by Princeton University that appear undecipherable to dullards such as ourselves, artist Pablo Carlos Budassi created an image featuring the observable universe, with the solar system at its center, followed by inner and outer planets, Kuiper belt, Oort cloud, Alpha Centauri, Perseus Arm, Milky…

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GoPro’s 2015 Year In Review Will Make You Want to Shred Something Epic

GoPro had a good run, but with dwindling sales and other companies mimicking their iconic camera, are their days on top of the food chain over? With their stock taking an 80% hit after the release of the HERO4 session, people are skeptical about the future of GoPro — just…

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The Internet Is Losing its Damn Mind Trying To Find The Hidden Panda In This Photo

The internet’s viral community is about to get its Christmas gift a day early. Illustrator Gergely Dudás — who goes by the pen name Dudolf — posted this drawing to his Facebook page, challenging readers to spot a panda in an army of snowmen. Since last week, his followers have…

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This Brilliant Seinfeld/ Serial Mash-Up is the Perfect Festivus Gift

The sheer genius of Seinfeld is a testament to how relevant it still is today. It’s been almost 20 years since the last episode aired and yet still the show is syndicated on a global scale. If you don’t already follow the parody account “Seinfeld 2000” on Instagram, Twitter and……