You’re probably reading a bunch of stories talking about the leaves changing colors and days getting shorter. But our good friends at Nike Snowboarding and Burton want to remind us that winter is right around the corner.

Last week Burton released the first part of their online video series [SNOWBAORDING]. The first is episode is BACKCOUNTRY and features guys like Jussi Oksanen, Terje, Jeremy Jone and Nicolas Muller. The best part about Burton’s 4-part series is that all the parts will be available to watch online and download.

Nike is also giving us a taste of winter by giving us a 24-hour sneak peek of Part 1 of their new movie NEVER NOT. Make sure you just on this quick because it won’t be available tomorrow. If you want to check out the video head over to Transworld Snowboarding ( Whereas Burton is breaking up their video series into backcountry, street, resort, and women. Nike is throwing it all together in Part 1 of Never Not.

So watch these videos to help you get through your case of the Mondays and start planning your 2013-2014 ski trip. But remember, you are not Nicolas Muller and you probably cannot board like him. Stick to the blues, my friend

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