Happy Birthday, Bill. Why Bill Murray is the Coolest Person of All Time (Infographic)

Find me a person who dislikes Bill Murray and I’ll find you a person who doesn’t deserve the air they’re breathing. Today is Bill’s birthday, he’s in his twilight years of 64 and to celebrate we’ve found an amazing infographic of the life and times of Bill, made by SDRSCreative. The inforgraphic simply reiterates why Bill is the real life legend you’ve heard stories about. We’ve made a Minimalist Movie Poster tribute to Bill in the past for our appreciation of his true comic genius on and off camera and a genuine good hearted guy. The guys over at The Chive have singlehandedly catapulted Bill to another level, but check out this infographic on why there’s simply no one else like Bill “F*cking” Murray. 

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