Top 5 Sports-Related Commercials

Speaking for everyone: nobody likes commercials. Simultaneously, they shamelessly peddle undesirable wares and insult the viewer’s intelligence. However, there is the occasional glimmer of brilliance that shimmers through the seemingly endless drawl of marketing drivel. Most are humorous skits with small undertones of product placement. Nevertheless, it is a shame that many of these commercials are no longer on the air.


“Watching the game having a Bud?”

The aforementioned phrase is undoubtedly something that many Americans can relate to on Autumn Sundays. But, seldom do football spectators erupt into overzealous salutations—something that the people on this commercial did.

4. Drew Brees and the Stuck Mardi Gras Float

The “This is Sports Center” series of quick commercials have achieved legendary status on the television airwaves.

Airing since the nineties, a more prominent one that aired recently featured Drew Brees during the 2009 NFL Season—the best time to be a New Orleans Saints fan.

Trying to get into the ESPN headquarters, Brees finds out that his float is too big—causing traffic.

Brees repeatedly pleads in a comedic fashion, “What do you want me to do? I’m stuck!”

3. The ANSKY Boys.

Yankee fans are some of the most hated in all of sports. But, the dedication to their pinstripe-clad baseball team is undeniable.

Apparently, some Yankee fans are so dedicated that they would shuffle around a cab due to the letters on their respective stomachs being out of order—all at the cab drivers inquiry of, “what the hell is ANSKY?”

The commercial ends with a loud decree of “YANKS! LET’S GO YANKS!”

2. Peyton Manning, Supermarket Fan.

Peyton Manning has a sense of humor about himself. This is seen in his latest commercial—an almost unwatchable (yet still laughably hysterical) music video with his younger brother, Eli.

However, this sense of humor has pervaded his career—even during his glory days with the Indianapolis Colts.

The commercial chronicles a borderline obnoxious Peyton Manning, who idolizes the common man working at a supermarket deli. Funny due to a comical take on role reversal, Manning cheers on the workers as they do menial tasks. Afterwards, the NFL superstar scores an apron from one his favorite workers.

1. “It’s the El Duque!”

The late nineties were a time of nostalgia for Yankee fans; the Red Sox were still suffering from the dreaded “Curse of the Bambino”—making the infamous “1918” chant a fan favorite during the Bronx Bombers matchups with the Red Sox.

To make things better for the Pinstripe faithful, their team was the undisputed king of the MLB—built around a powerful offense and great pitching.

Two of the great pitchers on the Yankees starting staff during that time were David Cone and the Cuban immigrant, Orlando Hernandez—a player whose nickname was “El Duque”

The commercial pokes fun at Hernandez’s windup—one that saw him lift his leg far off of the ground. Taking place at a club in New York City, David Cone asks what dance everyone is doing—when a young woman responds in a snobby fashion, “It’s the El Duque!”

The commercial ends with Cone in the bathroom of the club, trying to work out a dance of his own after one of his Yankee teammates inquires, “Hey Coney, why don’t you have a dance?”

The commercial concludes when—much to his embarrassment—he finds that he’s not alone in the bathroom…