The 25 Biggest Rivalries In College Football

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To determine how to rank the biggest college football rivalries in 2013, we looked across fan sites and discussion boards, identifying different things fans and sports experts say make top rivalries- such as history, notoriety, competition and popularity. Our goal was to produce an unbiased ranking that focuses on measurable metrics- such as attendance, ticket demand, and total games played (to name a few). In addition to historical data, we also measured recent performance and game demand to reflect current trends and events.


Recent Popularity (30 points)
Metrics: Attendance , Stadium Capacity Filled, Ticket Demand

Notoriety (25 points)
Metrics: In-State Rivalry, Intra-Conference Rivalry, Trophy Awarded, Claimed National Championships (both teams), Conference Championships (both teams), Heisman Trophy Recipients (both teams)

History (20 points)
Metrics: Date of First Meeting, Total Games Played

Competition (15 points)
Metrics: (Historical) Date of First Meeting, (Past Decade) Average Point Difference, Appearance in AP Regular Season Poll


  • The rivalry must have a game scheduled or announced in the 2013 season.
  • The teams involved in the rivalry must have met at least once in the last 5 years.
  • The teams involved in the rivalry must currently be associated with Division 1 school.