The 10 Most Eccentric, Rambunctious, Or Otherwise Insane Athletes

Insanity reigns in all of sports. Truly, there can be a case made that athletes have the potential to be the pinnacle of mental lunacy– a fact that comes with the very nature of their occupation, which is destroying their bodies for the entertainment of spectators.

Luckily, RSVLTS is here to compile a list of the craziest athletes to ever step on a field, a half pipe, or the Grand Canyon. In this article, “crazy” can have several different definitions– ranging from a term of endearment to an outright declaration of  mass-fearfulness.

10. Metta World Peace

Tyler Hansbrough is possibly the smartest man in the NBA. And for good reason, Metta World Peace’s on court antics have spanned from pulling Paul Pierce’s shorts down to punching an opposing player right in the head. Also, he returned from a torn meniscus within the span of 12 games.

9. Ronnie Lott 

One of the most feared hitters in NFL history, Ronnie Lott once opted to cut his finger off in order to avoid missing playing time– a move that makes his great NFL contemporaries cringe.

8. Terrell Owens

A man whose insane antics literally drove him from the NFL, Owens was a rare talent. But, his ego and his many chronicled incidents forced teams to avoid him.

7. Mike Vallely 

The skater who is known to engage in fisticuffs, Vallely has been seen fighting off several people at once while on tour. Also, while watching the Anaheim Ducks play, he engaged in a fight with a fellow spectator who allegedly took a souvenir from his daughter.

6. John McEnroe

Among the most fiery tempered athletes of all time, officials must’ve feared making calls with which McEnroe disagreed.

5. Dennis Rodman

In case his appearance didn’t tip people off, Rodman’s demeanor often overshadowed his rebounding ability.

4. Tonya Harding

Harding is a former figure skater turned boxer who allegedly assaulted her opponents in order to gain a competitive edge. Should anything else be said about this?

3. Evel Knievel 

A daredevil who turned insanity into a living, Knievel jumped nearly insurmountable gaps with his motorcycle. Every time someone saw his stunts, they were sure to think of a word that is– by some variation– synonymous with “crazy”.

2. Mike Tyson

A tip for people who box against Tyson: wear ear muffs.

1. Lyle Alzado

One of the most tragic stories in NFL history. By all accounts, Alzado was a man who– off the field– was a gentle giant. But, on the field Alzado was one of the most feared players of his time. One of his most quotes was:

“I never trust a sane person”

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