Movember App

Get you Mo on the go with the Gen Mo mobile app for iOS and Android. The 2013 Movember Mobile app has been redesigned and improved to keep your Movember journey headed in the right direction. 

Some highlights you’ll notice after downloading the app to your mobile device are:

  • The Mo Tracker – Not only will you be able to take daily photos to track your Mo progress, you’ll also be able to export an animated GIF/time-lapse movie to your Mo Space or social network of your choice.
  • Share some knowledge. There are a handful of health tips that you can easily share with others to encourage them to live a healthy Movember lifestyle.
  • Got a favorite Mo Style? The interactive style guide lets you share the various Movember styles with your friends.
It’s now easier to build your team and ask for donations, too. Download it today.

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