Chef Adam Perry Lang Feeds RSVLTS At Meatopia

Meatopia, food writer Josh Ozersky’s incredible annual culinary event, was in San Antonio at the Pearl for the first time this past weekend. RSVLTS was there to chow on chicken feet, lamb hearts, beef cheeks, and all kinds of other goodies from 32 amazing chefs. Between face-stuffing sessions, we were able to talk with Chef Adam Perry Lang at the George Dickel tent and learn about what makes him do what he does so damn well.

Chef Adam Perry Lang is real passionate about barbecue. The primal simplicity of harnessing fire to cook meat has attracted him his entire life. He proved himself years ago on the barbecue circuit and the New York haters tasted the error of their ways when he showed that what he was making was “just as good, if not better, than what they were doing.” The success of the New York City restaurant he opened, Daisy May’s BBQ, solidified his position as one of the biggest barbecue chefs. But he wasn’t ready to settle.

“I naturally gravitate towards craft,” he says before passionately explaining his process. “I make my own charcoal. I shovel it into a handcrafted barbecue. I source all my meat.” And that badass knife he uses? Yeah, he made that too. All out of a love of craft. In fact, that’s what drew him to George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. While travelling the United States, barbecuing along the way of course, he visited the handcrafted spirit producer and was immediately drawn to their simplified, automation-less ways. “My key ingredient is restraint and they have the same beliefs.”

We shared some deliciously easy to sip on George Dickel No.12 then let Adam get back to his cooking. Of course we returned when the food was ready. Unfortunately, so did everyone else it seemed. But when we finally got our chance to sample one of his delicious sandwiches it was all worth it. Never has simplicity been so good.

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