Last Known Photos Of Deceased Celebrities [51 Photos]

Don’t worry, it’s their last photos BEFORE they died. We’re not some creepy torn fishnet shirt and ankh necklace wearing, Bauhaus listening, Clove smoking Goth weirdos. Well, Bauhaus is okay. We just thought these were pretty interesting. Check out Freddie Mercury’s high-waisted pants! And Cliff Burton looks like he’s posing for his high school yearbook.

Tupac Shakur

Steve Jobs

Steve Irwin

Ryan Dunn

Ronald Reagan

Robert F Kennedy

Robert E Lee

Richard Pryor

Princess Diana

Paramahansa Yogananda

Michael Jackson

Martin Luther King Jr

Mark Twain

Marilyn Monroe

Margaret Thatcher

Mahatma Gandhi

Lucille Ball

Kurt Cobain

Kim Jong Il

Keith Moon

John Lennon

John F Kennedy

John Candy

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Jennie Rivera

James Dean

Hillel Slovak

Heath Ledger

George Harrison

Freddie Mercury

Franklin D Roosevelt

Frank Zappa

Elvis Presley

Dean Martin

Dale Earnhardt

Cliff Burton

Christopher McCandless

Challenger Crew

Bob Marley

Biggie Smalls

Benazir Bhutto

Babe Ruth

Anne Frank

Anna Loginova

Andy Kaufman

Amy Winehouse

Amelia Earhart

Albert Einstein

Adolf Hitler

Abraham Lincoln

Source: Imgur

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