A Chinese Movie Theater Unintentionally Uses Fan-Made Thor 2 Poster, Looks Silly

A Theater in Shanghi took it upon themselves to create a Thor 2: The Dark World movie poster cutout, probably taken from the depths of a Google search. After making it’s rounds around the internet, the marketing team mistakingly thought this was one of many images being used to promote the movie. The image shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in a protective grasp on his villainous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston). And why shouldn’t this be the official poster? Just two loving brothers, who occasionally hate each other, one holding the other in a protective embrace, the other overcome with happiness of his brother’s warm cradle. What’s wrong with that?

The real image shows Natalie Portman, Thors girlfriend, place of Loki.We’ll take Natalie any day of the week. 

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