New Meme Alert: Fitness Quotes with Alcohol [31 Photos]

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New Meme Alert: Pizza Proposals

Maybe it’s because we are sick of people in love (over)sharing their joy with the world over social media. Maybe it’s because anything pizza-related is always awesome. Whatever the reason, this new pizza proposal meme, where rings are transformed into delicious pizza slices, is something we can get behind. We’re…


New Meme Alert: Alone At The Prom [35 Photos]

What happens when the Internet finds a picture of a dateless fella posing for prom photos? Only great things, of course! Reddit’s latest Photoshop Battle features a “forever alone” at the prom. Some digital artists were kind enough to give him hot dates, while others saw the need to humiliate…


New Meme Alert: Hustle Man [25 Photos]

The ultra-popular Humans of New York always features a picture of someone on the street of NYC along with a touching if not overly-sappy diatribe about lost love, or finding inspiration, or some other nonsense. Until today. Today we were gifted Hustle Man. His words were succinct yet powerful: “I’m Hustle…