2013 has been a great year for perfectly timed photos.

RSVLTS Yearbook13

2013 has been a year of groundbreaking news, events and records. But as always with that there are the good, the bad and the straight up WTF. It seemed as though the internet had taken PEDs this year, with memes, GIFs and virality the strongest ever seen. With all the internet phenomena that’s occurred this year it would be a shame if no one organized and ranked every category you can think of to wrap up 2013. RSVLTS will be doing all the heavy lifting for you in the best, worst and everything else the internet had to offer this year in our RSVLTS Yearbook13. We’ll be suppling the web with dozens of year-end countdowns covering almost everything from best sports GIFs to most overhyped food crazes for our year in review. Head over to RSVLTS Yearbook13 for all the action.

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