10 Sports Stories That Shocked the World In 2013

Given the high-profile nature of professional athletes, there will be breaking stories that leave the entirety of the sports world stunned—headlines that are the chronicling of a fallen star, unexpected retirements, harrowing allegations, or unthinkable tragedy. In a more solemn part of the Yearbook13 event, RSVLTS has chronicled the Top 10 Sports Stories that shook the world of athletics to its core during the past year.

10. Ilya Kovalchuk Leaves NHL

In his prime, Ilya Kovalchuk opted to return to Russia—giving up $77 Million dollars from the New Jersey Devils.

9. Marion Bartoli Retires

After a loss at Wimbledon, tennis star Marion Bartoli opted to retire from the sport. However, there have been hints of her return in the future.

8. Tyson Gay Tests Positive

American track star Tyson Gay tested positive for use of an illegal substance. Following his positive testing, Gay could face a 2-year ban from competition.

7. Oklahoma State Allegations

In the NCAA, there have been many stories about corruption in programs. For Oklahoma State University, there have been allegations of a hostess program—one that uses female exploitation in order to get players to commit to the school.

As allegations, none of this is proven. But, if explored further and proven, it could lead to serious social changes in collegiate football.

6. Wrestling Ousted In Olympics

Wrestling—among the Olympics’ original sports—was taken out of the lineup for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. Apparently, people would rather see ribbon dancing.

5.  Sean Edwards Dies In Training

Tragically, Sean Edwards—the British auto racer—died in a training crash in October. Popular in countries other than America, the sport that Edwards partook in was an incarnation of auto racing that is widely popular in Europe.

4. Mike Rice

After videos were leaked of former Rutgers Head Coach bullying his players during practice, Rice was fired from his position. While his subsequent firing was expected, the content of the videos that were leaked were highly disturbing.

3. Aaron Hernandez

Following charges for allegedly having a role in the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez was arrested at his home in North Attleboro, MA—causing a rippling impact throughout the small community just south of Boston.

2. Oscar Pistorius

Charged with allegedly murdering of his girlfriend, Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was arrested from his house in South Africa. The magnitude of this story was simultaneously shocking and tragic, as Pisotrius’ renown as a man who overcame adversity has been tarnished.

Moreover, Reeva Steenkamp—Pistorius’ girlfriend—was an activist against violence against women, which makes this story sobering on countless levels.

1. Boston Marathon

In 2013, the usually celebratory event known as the Boston Marathon was interrupted following several lethal explosions. Unexpected and horrifying, the city of Boston has since come together as a community and

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