When winter comes and the snow begins to fall, many outdoor sports concede to Mother Nature and her nasty ways – most sports that is, except football. Rain, sleet or snow football has proven to be the one sport that isn’t afraid to give Mother Nature a run for her money. With that being said, and in light of the snow filled week 14 in the NFL and the upcoming Super Bowl that could be a winter mess, we take a look at the top 10 best snow covered football games in NFL history.

10. Eagles vs. Lions on December 8, 2013

Playing through nearly 6 inches of snow and heavy winds, LeSean McCoy led the Eagles past the Lions by a score of 34-20. McCoy danced through Detroit’s defense all day carving them up for 217 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries.

9. Giants vs. Bears December 9, 1934

Freezing rain and frozen tundra caused for some uneasy footing when the Giants and Bears faced off in the 1934 NFL Championship. The polo grounds became the polo ice rink causing the giants to change into the Manhattan College Basketball teams sneakers. The result? 27 unanswered points in the fourth quarter for a 30-13 victory and the championship.

8. Raiders vs. Browns January 4, 1981

A game known as “Red 88” for the played called used in the fourth quarter by Cleveland coach Sam Rugliano. Rugliano passed up a short field goal for a passing play in the end zone that resulted in a Brian Sipe interception. On top of that, temperatures reached as low as 4˚F, the lowest temperature in a NFL game in 14 years.

7. Packers vs. Buccaneers December 1, 1985

Nearly 36,000 fans were unable to attend this game because so much snow had fallen. Those who did brave the storm, watched the cheese heads dominate the Buccaneers 21-0. That was the largest amount of “no-show” fans to miss a game in Packer history. It’s worth mentioning, close to 16 inches of snow covered Green Bay that day.

6. Eagles vs. (Chicago) Cardinals December 19, 1948

The 1948 NFL Championship game featured the Eagles versus the then Chicago Cardinals. The first ever televised championship game was delayed 30 minutes because too much snow fell on the tarp and the ground crew was unable to remove it. Players from both teams had to come help move the tarp. Imagine asking T.O. to move a tarp?

5. Packers vs. Cowboys December 31, 1967

Known as the “Ice Bowl” due to the frozen ground of Lambeau field, the Packers and Cowboys faced off in one of the coldest games in NFL history. With temperatures reaching 5˚F and a win chill of -48˚F, the Packers clawed their way to a 21-17 victory on a Bart Starr one yard run. Many players caught the flu and other serious illnesses due to the conditions.

4. Browns vs. Bills December 16, 2007

Lake effect snow and 40 mph winds due to Lake Erie and its proximity to Cleveland Browns Stadium led to a dismal 8-0 home team victory over the Bills. Two Phil Dawson field goals and a botched snap that led to a safety were the difference. Mother Nature was not kind to two franchises who need no help when it comes to losing disappointing games.

3. Dolphins vs. Patriots December 12, 1982

I’m surprised Don Shula isn’t still protesting the outcome of this snow-covered game that went scoreless for nearly 55 and a half minutes. That’s when snow plow operator, Mark Henderson, decided to plow his way into Patriots’ lure by emerging onto the field and clearing a path for the kicker. This act of holiday kindness gave the Patriots a 3-0 victory over the Dolphins.

2. Thanksgiving Day 1993

With the first snow fall at Texas Stadium, Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys surely found a way to give thanks to the Dolphins on Thanksgiving 1993. After “America’s Team” blocked a game winning field goal attempt, Lett sprinted for the ball slipping and kicking it forward. That gave the Phins the ball and an eventual 16-14 victory. Thanks Leon, makes up for number three.

1. Patriots vs. Raiders January 19, 2002

The game known as the “Tuck Rule” game became famous for the Tom Brady fumble that was changed to an incomplete pass resulting in a Patriots 16-13 victory. Charles Woodson knocked the ball out of Brady’s hands, but referees said he was throwing the ball, ruling it an incomplete pass. This decision changed the outcome of this AFC playoff game and the fine print of the NFL rule book.

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