The 23 Greatest (Worst) Movie Scenes in Film History

In the 100+ years of film history a lot of films have been made that would have Thomas Edison rolling over in his grave. We’ve combed through the YouTube archives to find the 23 movie scenes that are so bad they are good. Strong Language Warning.

1. Garbage Day

2. Hard Ticket to Hawaii – Frisbee Scene

3. Taffin

4. “Die Hard” Indian version

5. Danger 5: Diamond Girls

6. Cabin Fever – Pancakes

7. Mac and Me – Wheel Chair Scene

8. COMMANDO: Shirtless Fighting

9. Samurai Cop – The Horny Nurse

10. Tough Guys Don’t Dance

11. Keep an eye out for you, Stingray

12. The Power Of Ninjutsu (1988) End Scene

13. The Room

14. Whore

15. Arnold Gets Pissed – Skip to 3:45

16. They Live Fight Scene

17. Hard Ticket To Hawaii – Skateboard Assassin

18. Ben Affleck’s meltdown in Lifestories: Families in Crisis

19. Most prolonged death scene ever

20. They’re eating her….and then they’re going to eat me!

21. Hercules in New-York “Bear fight” – skip to 2:15

22. Birdemic clapping scene

23. Jesus, Man