The 14 Hottest GoDaddy Girls Of All-Time (Since They Won’t Be Bringing Sexy Back To The Super Bowl)


Sex will be seriously sidelined at the upcoming Super Bowl.

That, at least, is the decision of the game’s traditionally raciest advertiser, GoDaddy, which announced plans to air two spots during the Feb. 2, 2014, game, but without so much as a jiggle, wiggle or double-entendre giggle.

Even Danica Patrick, who will also return for the eighth consecutive year, will no longer be relegated to the role of sex kitten. Both of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl spots will be humor-laden with a new brand message — but drop all sexual suggestiveness.

“We have to move on to the next phase,” says Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer. “We polarized some. I understand that. But I’m not ashamed of our past. Now we need to take this brand to a new level.”

Yes, this is the same company that last year aired a 30-second Super Bowl spot solely focused on supermodel Bar Refaeli planting a lengthy French kiss on a flummoxed nerd.

Rebranding a company that’s invested many millions on its current brand is a huge risk. For GoDaddy, under new leadership, a strategic decision has been made that standing out in a social-media age requires more than a rehash of the sexual teases of Super Bowls past.

The company is eager to move beyond the branding of its name and focus, instead, on convincing small-business owners that its domain naming and website-hosting services can help them.

So with all this in mind we’ve decided to take a look back at the lengthy roster of female models, actresses, personalities and athletes who have been GoDaddy Girls in the past. We did our best to pull the highest quality videos for each of the girl but if you have a better version please drop a link into the comments.

14. Amy Weber

13. Candice Michelle

12. Marina Orlova

11. Amanda Beard

10. Claudia Verela

9. Danica Patrick

8. Angelina Vitale

7. Leeann Dearing

6. Jillian Michaels

5. Michelle Hayden

4. Anna Rawson

3. Rachelle Wood

2. Natalia Velez

1. Bar Refaeli

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Copy via: USA Today

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