Recently, RSVLTS got a chance to communicate with Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl running back, Jamaal Charles at an event promoting the newest downloadable content for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Titled Onslaught, it is now available to purchase on Xbox Live. It will be ready for launch on the Playstation Network in a few weeks—wait patiently, Sony faithful!

Charles seemed to enjoy the DLC, largely pointing toward the rampant chaos that only Call of Duty entails. Citing one map in particular, Charles said that he “loved Bayview”—the map that replicates the idyllic Santa Monica pier.

A long time gamer, Charles’ other favorite titles are: Tomb Raider, NBA 2K, and Madden. When speaking of the lattermost game, Charles said that he would create himself in the game during his pre-NFL days. And, in the NCAA games, he would create himself and then get drafted into the NFL through the virtual world created by the game.

During his rookie season, Charles said that he “put himself ahead of every player” in the game, regardless of their position or rating—something that most of the human population would do upon the realization of an NFL dream.

However, gaming was not the only topic of discussion. When asked about his thoughts on Head Coach Andy Reid, Charles said that the biggest difference he noticed upon the new coach’s arrival was that he “cleaned house”—bringing his “own guys in from the Eagles.”

However, any uncertainty Charles may have had about Reid’s role in Kansas City was quickly dismissed, as he said that he quickly thought that the new offensive system “could work.”

Charles ended discussion of Reid by saying that he truly enjoys playing in the former Eagles’ system.

With the Pro Bowl in recent memory, I asked Charles about the monster hit that he received from a fellow Chief—linebacker Derrick Johnson. To this, Charles didn’t seem to give it much thought—shrugging it off as “football.”

Overall, Charles described the new Pro Bowl as a “great success,” as he enjoyed playing alongside NFC players with whom he otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to step on the gridiron. In addition, Charles noted that he thought the Pro Bowl Draft was a draft was a good idea—advocating the idea of undrafted superstars having a chance to be selected though a widely-televised drafting process.


I closed the interview by asking Charles about his colleagues in the NFL. When asked about his favorite defensive player to go up against, Charles wasn’t picky— stating that he liked “ballers.”

Charles closed by saying the great thing about the NFL is that “everyone is on the same level of play”—something that undoubtedly makes for great competition.

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