45 Rare and Iconic Photos of “Broadway Joe” Namath Being The Coolest Man Alive

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14 of the Worst Sports Injuries of All Time

Joe Theismann is a household name for literally the only reason a professional sports player does not want to be a household name — a disgusting and career ending injury. Thirty years ago today, hallowed defenseman Lawrence Taylor sacked Theismann and destroyed his leg. If you’ve never seen it 1) How?…


5 Times Rex Ryan Was A Huge Douchebag

I’ve been pretty vocal the last few weeks of how much I truly dislike Rex Ryan. His middle name should just be “Dickead.” He should just get it tattooed on his bicep instead of his wife in a constantly changing jersey. I don’t think the guy has a single nice bone…

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7 Famous Athletes Who Went Completely Broke

I don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t know who Mike Tyson is. He’s starred in a kung-fu sequel Ip Man 3, he has a cartoon and he’s also one of the most decorated faces in boxing history. However, Tyson’s rise to fame has not been without its controversy. Amongst…


The Bullhorn: The RSVLTS Weekly Recap

Well, we made it America. Officially hit the first half of the halfway mark to the 17 weeks of the NFL season. We’re really only a few weeks away until we can start saying “Oh they’re going to win the Super Bowl” and “These guys suck, better luck next year”…