The Progression of Facebook for it’s 10 Year Anniversary

Since it’s 2004 launch, Facebook has gone through some serious changes. What began as a social platform for college students to interact with one another, first peer to peer on campus, then stretching out to different universities across America has vastly changed. In fact, it’s somewhat of an antithesis from which it began. Exclusive, private and lawless Facebook began and for it’s initial years was the exclusive club anyone without a college email couln’t get into.

No baby pictures. No engagement photos. No sponsored stories or BuzzFeed quizes. Facebook was essentially a platform for college kids to browse, poke and in time communicate. What was once the cool club is still the standard of social platforms, now just comes with more baggage and more of a nanny-cam for parents, big brands and potential work suiters to cyber-stalk. Progress, I guess, but Facebook’s will to stay relevant is to keep the wheels moving, Changing, evolving. Acquiring new innovative start ups like Instagram that could potentially make Facebook the Myspace of 2014. This year is going to be a tipping point for the decade old revolutionary network. It’s their move to stay innovative or become another ubiquitous social channel lost in the internet abyss.

Here is a timeline of Facebook in it’s decade long run.

Facebook 2004

Facebook Group page in 2005

Profile in 2005


Mark Zuckerberg’s profile in 2006

Timeline Launch 2006

Facebook introduced the Mini-Feed at the same time. Struck up much controversy, some calling the new look “Stalker-book”

Facebook’s home page in 2009

In 2010 Notifications were added

News Ticker was implemented in 2011

The Facebook Timeline was launched in 2011

Sponsored stories took a front seat to status updates and photos in January 2012

The Facebook you’ve grown to… well it is what it is today.

Via: Business Insider

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