10 Athletes Who Should Sign With Roc Nation Sports

Truly there are few sports agencies as talked about as Roc Nation Sports. Tenacious in their negotiations, they are headed by Hip Hop sensation turned entrepreneur Jay- Z—a man who has his hands in seemingly every business.

Currently, Roc Nation Sports’ roster is modest yet well-reputed; featuring such athletes as Victor Cruz, C. C Sabathia, Robinson Cano, and Kevin Durant—among others. To date, Jay-Z’s biggest accomplishment has been on behalf of his now-Seattle based client, Robinson Cano.

Negotiating a monstrous 10-year, $240 Million deal for the star second baseman, Jay- Z proved that he has some degree of aptitude for shrewd athletic negotiations. And, while it has been speculated that—because Cano has other agents—Jay-Z wasn’t as involved, it was confirmed that the aforementioned speculation is incorrect.

While a man from Roc Nation named Brodie Van Wagenen was at the forefront of the negotiations, he confirmed that Jay- Z was “intimiately involved in all areas” of the contract talks.

With an image that appeals to the point of multi-platinum record sales, Jay-Z has the potential to find equal success in the world of contract negotiations—despite early speculation that he wasn’t cut out for the job.

With more athletes turning their heads toward Roc Nation Sports, what athlete signings would allow the young agency to create the biggest splashes? Well, RSVLTS is here to discuss some athletes that could—or should—take Mr. Jay-Z as their agent.

10. Ndamukong Suh

The Internet has been erupting with questions about the possibility of Suh signing with Roc Nation Sports. Multiple sources reported that Suh dropped Roosevelt Barnes—his old agent. Since then, speculation has ensued about Suh possibly pursuing Jay-Z as his new professional representation.

And, while some sources question the wisdom of Suh’s actions, it is undeniable that Jay-Z vehemently pursues the best possible deals for his clients (as evidenced by one very wealthy second baseman in the Pacific Northwest)

9.  Andrew McCutchen

With stars like Victor Cruz and Kevin Durant, it is clear that Roc Nation Sports likes to add young, premier—and highly talked about—talent to their lineup of athletes.

As such, there are few athletes in baseball who are as talked about as Andrew McCutchen. And, while he is currently in the middle of a massive six year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates and there are no rumors of him signing with Roc Nation, speculation is always an entertaining device to pass the time.

8. Patrick Peterson

Peterson fired his agent in November and is currently represented by Joel Siegel. But—for the sake of entertainment—Peterson has been reported wanting a new contract to match his astounding level of play over the past several seasons.

But, Peterson is a young and talented player—exactly the type of footballer that Jay- Z is looking to represent.

7. Mike Trout

Needless to say, Mike Trout is going to financially secure his great, great grandchildren for life when he becomes a free agent in a few years. Still a young player, some sources speculate that Trout could score a $400 Million contract—an amount of money that would make A-Rod seem like a pauper living in erstwhile year’s cold shadow.

The financial possibilities are limitless for Trout, and he fits the type of player that Jay-Z wants to have on his roster of athletes.

6. Richard Sherman

As a late round pick-turned All-Pro, Sherman’s contract can be characterized as a bargain of epic proportions.

But, that will change when he becomes a free agent. As a young superstar who was vital in his team’s Super Bowl victory, Sherman would not be the first player that fits the aforementioned criteria to sign with Roc Nation Sports.

5. Matt Harvey

As the biggest hardball name in New York City, Jay-Z would almost certainly jump at the chance to represent Harvey—regardless of the hypothetical nature of said chances.

Already representing the biggest football star in the Big Apple, Harvey on Roc Nation Sports would cement Jay-Z’s reign over America’s biggest media market.

4. John Wall

There is already rumor that John Wall—the Washington Wizards’ superstar—is the next athlete to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

Complex reported that Twitter erupted with speculation after him and Jay-Z were seen together recently.

3. Russell Wilson

Another young athlete who has been seen with the man of Hip Hop fame, Wilson was seen associating with Jay-Z during his victorious Super Bowl campaign in New York City.

2. Deron Williams

Having to give up his partial ownership of the Nets to pursue a career as an agent, Jay-Z has a pre-existing relationship with Deron Williams.

Helping him find a place of residence upon his arrival with the Nets, that pre-existing relationship could pay dividends in the professional world of sports.

1. LeBron James

While this is unlikely, it would certainly create a big splash. Kevin Durant is already represented by Roc Nation, which would make LeBron’s signing with them monumental. First off, Jay-Z would be representing the two best basketballers on the planet. In addition, it would create more intrigue with LeBron’s looming free agency.

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