The Complete Collection of Leanna Decker’s RSVLTS NBA Photoshoot

Recently we teamed up with Leanna Decker, one of the internet’s rapidly rising stars, for an NBA themed shoot featured in the second issue of RSVLTS Magazine. The behind-the-scenes photos took the internet by storm early last month and judging by the popularity (and the fact that the NBA All-Star Weekend is here) we thought this would be the perfect time to release complete collection of photos from the shoot into the wild. So go precious photo shoot. Go on, Get! I said GET! Don’t look back, just go on! You’re free. We’ll miss you like the dickens.

In the gallery  you can check out all the pictures that were featured in the second issue of RSVLTS Magazine. In addition to this, check out a collection of over 500 outtakes from each team in the NBA.


Over 500 Leanna Decker RSVLTS NBA Outtakes

Atlanta Hawks (19 Photos) | Boston Celtics (18 Photos) | Brooklyn Nets (16 Photos)

Charlotte Bobcats (22 Photos) | Chicago Bulls (36 Photos) | Cleveland Cavaliers (22 Photos)

Dallas Mavericks (17 Photos) | Denver Nuggets (11 Photos) | Detroit Pistons (32 Photos)

Golden State Warriors (8 Photos) | Houston Rockets (28 Photos) | Indiana Pacers (28 Photos)

LA Clippers (18 Photos) | LA Lakers (32 Photos) | Memphis Grizzlies (18 Photos)

Miami Heat (23 Photos) | Milwaukee Bucks (18 Photos) | Minnesota Timberwolves (19 Photos)

New Orleans Pelicans (12 Photos) | New York Knicks (32 Photos) | OKC Thunder (6 Photos)

Orlando Magic (21 Photos) | Philadelphia 76ers (15 Photos) | Phoenix Suns (7 Photos)

Portland Trailblazers (30 Photos) | Sacramento Kings (18 Photos) | S.A. Spurs (14 Photos)

Toronto Raptors (15 Photos) | Utah Jazz (18 Photos) | Washington Wizards (26 Photos)

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