10 Greatest Moments of Derek Jeter’s Incredible Career

Truly, there are few pinstripe clad baseball players that trump Derek Jeter. Entering the Big Leagues when Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio was the toast of the music world, Jeter quickly saw an elevation to equal—and much longer lasting—fame.

Now, in 2014—nineteen years removed from his MLB debut—Jeter has decided to hit the ole dusty trail come this fall. Yankee fans will be awash in nostalgia when the Captain’s final season comes to pass.

As such, we decided to countdown the best moments from Jeter’s career.

10. First—And Only–Grand Slam

It didn’t happen until 2005, and Jeter was never known for his slugging prowess. Nevertheless, Jeter’s first grand slam gave a notch in a stat column that proved elusive throughout the first half of his career.

9. 3000 Hits

The 3000 hit club is a prestigious one. Surely, Jeter will be inducted into Cooperstown at first opportunity for his inclusion in this fraternity. All of that established, why is this only ninth on the list?

Well, 3000 Hits wasn’t one singular moment as much as it was the culmination of an entire career. And, while his 3000th will always be a great moment, the journey is what should be celebrated. Hence, while this is a list of the best moments, his 3000th hit stands at the bottom of the list.

8. 2 Run RBI—1996 World Series

Jeter didn’t have to wait long to get his first World Series ring. Unlike some stars who chase rings through rampant team-changing in free agency, Jeter got his first title when he was yet a lad.

In the 1996 World Series against the Braves, Jeter played a key role in helping his team snag victory from the Braves—a 2 run RBI that gave the Bronx Bombers the lead.

7. Catch Collision with Robinson Cano

Baseball is seldom thought of as a contact sport. But, Jeter made a mouth gaping catch in 2005 in spite of a collision with Robinson Cano.

6. All- Time Yankees Hit Leader

To be mentioned in the same breath as Lou Gehrig in Yankee lore implies greatness. Late in his career, Jeter passed the Yankee great to take the franchise record for career hits.

5. The Jump Throw

1998 is a year that has special meaning to Yankee fans—a season when the pinstripers from New York were seemingly unbeatable. Capping the year with a World Series sweep of the San Diego Padres, Jeter helped his team reach that summit with an unbelievable throw to first against the Cleveland Indians.

4. Diving Into Stands

In a play that stands as one of his essential career highlights, Jeter dove into the stands to make an out—resulting in a great effort play.

3. Subway Series MVP

In 2000, New York was the capital of the MLB world, with the two baseball-hosting burrows duking it out for a chance to claim the World Series title. With the Yankees winning the series, Jeter claimed the title of World Series MVP.

2. Mr. November

After tragedy befell the nation, sports were—justifiably—put on hold. The result was the possibility for the World Series to go into November. In an ultimately losing effort against the Diamondbacks, Jeter etched himself into MLB lore by hitting a home run that sealed Game 4 for the Yankees—earning himself the title of Mr. November.

1. The Flip

Simply put, this play doesn’t make sense.