The 10 Drunkest Moments In Sports History

Our boys at RESQWATER, the anti-hangover drink hooked us up with a case of product, and that got us thinking about all the times sports fans across the globe could have put the stuff to good use. Here are our top 10 drunkest moments in sports fan history starting with number one, which we just happened to be at in person.

#1 2008 Preakness horse race in Baltimore

The second stop in horse racing’s Triple Crown hit all time level of drunkenness in 2008 (the last year that fans were allowed to BYOB). The infield was a debaucherous zone filled with vomit, frat bros, people drinking until passing out and people jumping running across porta potties.

#2 Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park in Chicago 1979

In a ploy to boost attendance, White Sox hoped to draw a crowd of 20,000 (vs the usual 5,000) for a special ‘Disco Demolition Night’ where local disc jocky Steve Dahl planned to blow up disco records before the game. The stunt drew 90,000 fans loaded up on natty light who stormed the field and had to be kicked out by riot police.

#3 Soccer Fan Aussults Goalie

No drunken sports list would be complete without at least some hooliganism from our friends playing soccer (sorry football) across the pond. One rowdy Leeds fan ran out on to the field of a game in 2012, and shoved the Sheffield Wednesday Goallie. The man only realized what he had done when he saw himself on TV later, admitting to police that he had drunk ten pints of lager, followed by three-quarters of a litre of vodka – all before he got to Sheffield by train.

#4 Hockey Fan Steals Helmet At Blackhawks Game

At a 2013 Hawks vs Jets game a rogue Blackhawks fan grabs Winnipeg Jets forwards Adam Pardy’s helmet off his head after being checked through the glass.

#5 Phils Fan Busted For Vomiting On Girl

In 2010, one die hard Phillies Fan, Mathew Clemmens was arrested after he allegedly vomited on an 11-year-old girl on purpose at Citizens Bank Park.

#6 Eagles vs Cowboys

In 1989, after rumors spread that Eagles coach Buddy Ryan put a bounty out on players during their first meeting two weeks earlier, the Eagles fans were more than rowdy when the rematch was held in Philadelphia.

A volatile mix of beer and snow led rowdy fans to batter the players and sporstscasters alike with snowballs. ice, and beer as he was hastily escorted off the field by Philadelphia Police. Consequently, beer was banned from games for the rest of the season.

#7 10-cent Beer Night riot

In 1974, The Cleveland Indians hoste $.10 beer night in an effort to boost ticket sales. Who thought this couldn’t go well? The night drew nearly twice as many fans as usual and resulted in an unusally high amount of nudity – a woman flashing in the second inning, a streaker in the 4th, and two men mooning the crowd in the fifth. The crowd eventually grew to a full scale riot – throwing chairs and storming the field eventually leading to the game being forfeited.

#8 Philly Fans Booing Santa Feature

Drunk, cold and unforgiving Phillies fans pelted a 19 year old dressed as Santa during an eagles game in 1968. Unhappy with their performance, the poor excuse for a Santa Claus, became a sitting duck as he was paraded across the field – pelted with snowballs by fans with the half foot of snow that had fallen the night before.

#9 Bruins fan hits the ice

At a 1987 Bruins vs Jets game, a drunk fan jumps out on to the ice only to be clocked by the players. Some donkey jumps the boards after Glen Wesley gets cut by a high stick.

#10 Popcorn Man

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