A few weeks back, at the height Kate Upton’s zero gravity viral-ness, we put our stellar photoshop skills to work in hopes of piggybacking on the phenomenon. The idea was simple, use photos from our own zero gravity shoot with our friends from the Elvis Duran Morning Show and superimpose Anthony, Carla and Josh photobombing Kate Upton.

A simple idea and the final result came out better than expected. We posted the image to Instagram then reposted by the Elvis Duran crew and it racked up over a thousand likes.

We thought that was the end of it but then on Thursday Anthony asked me for the highest resolution copy of the images had….so he could print it. I didn’t really think too much of it, maybe he wanted to print it out for their office wall, what ever I sent it to him.

Then I got this text…

Not sure what this meant but I was certainly intrigued by what Anthony had in-store.

Then a few hours later my phone started blowing up. Blowing is an understatement. It was like Goats Yelling Like Humans all over again.

Turns out Kate Upton had visited the studio that morning and genius Anthony decided to print out the picture and show it to Kate.

Pics were taken, Tweets started flying and the whole thing really snowballed.

Watch video of the interview below and check out the photos on

Rumor is Kate Upton thought the picture was hilarious and the moral of the story, Kate Upton floating around in zero g is the GIFt that keeps giving…

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