Australian Bachelor Pad Hovers Over The Beach [18 Photos]

Originally built in 1978, Australia’s iconic “Pole House” on the Great Ocean Road was really showing its age when the current owners purchased the property in 2005. After 13 months of renovation by Melbourne’s F2 Architecture, the house has reopened, with no signs of the Berber carpeted walls or light fixtures made from green wine bottles. From the outside, the house looks very much the same, but inside it is sleek and modern. The only hint of its age is the 1960s-era floating fireplace, which would have been foolish to remove. The entire house is basically one big, open room looking out onto the ocean. The supporting pole and bathroom are concealed in a burnt ash timber wall. And the best part? The house is available for vacation rentals through Great Ocean Road Holidays. You’ll be sure to get plenty of Sheilas, mate.

Source: Fubiz

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