Field Guide To WAGS of the 2014 Quarterback NFL Draft Class [12 Photos]

The NFL Draft takes place tonight at Radio City Music Hall so let’s take a look at the high profile arm candy that will be in attendance alongside the top QBs in the 2014 NFL draft class. 

1. Katherine Webb

Significant other: AJ McCarron (engaged)
Instagram: @_katherinewebb‎ // 180,000 Followers
Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
University: Auburn
Why she is America’s sweetheart: This former Miss USA Alabama was spotted by Brent Musberger and her modeling career took off with appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and a Carl’s Jr. commercial.

2. Lindsey Duke

Significant other: Blake Bortles (Dating)
Instagram: @linds_duke // 53,000
Hometown: Unknown
University: UCF
Why she is America’s sweetheart: Lindsey Duke has been Internet famous ever since she was a Maxim Hometown Hottie Finalist and a few scandalous selfies leaked onto the web. But she let that rough patch roll off and has rebounded nicely by landing the big man on campus. The two made headlines when it was publicized that Lindsay has more than 6 million Google Search results while Blake only has a few hundred thousand.

3. Kacie McDonnell

Significant other: Aaron Murray (Dating)
Instagram: @kaciemcdonnell // 37,000 Followers
Hometown: Pottsville, Pa.
University: Villanova
Why she is America’s sweetheart: When we called 22-year-old traffic reporter for Fox 29′s “Good Day Philadelphia,” Kacie McDonnell, the next Erin Andrews, Georgia’s star QB Aaron Murray must have been paying attention—not long after he scooped up Kacie.

4. Lauren Hanley

Significant other: Johnny Manziel (Unconfirmed)
Instagram: @laurenvictoriahanley // 74,000 Followers
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
University: Florida State U.
Why she is America’s sweetheart: This one is a bit unconfirmed, but Hanley and Johnny Football have spent some time together, so for now we’ll throw her into the mix. Hanley is an Instagram star and was named COED’s Miss COED of the Year 2014.

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