With Hurricane season upon us we take a look at the costliest Atlantic hurricanes in history as seen from 250 miles overhead. These pictures will give you a new perspective of their sheer scale related to the states, countries and regions affected. Another shocking thing you’ll notice is 10 of the 15 costliest hurricanes all took place in the last decade.  The information was pulled from the “List of costliest Atlantic hurricanes” Wikipedia page and the numbers are based on their uninflated damage totals.

15. Hurricane Floyd

Damage (billion USD): $6.9
Season: 1999
Category 4
Deaths: 56
Areas affected: The Bahamas Eastern United States Atlantic Canada

14. Hurricane Hugo

Damage (billion USD): $8.5
Season: 1989
Category 5
Deaths: 56
Areas affected: The Caribbean United States East Coast

13. Hurricane Jeanne

Damage (billion USD): $7.66
Season: 2004
Category 3
Deaths: 3,035
Areas affected: The Caribbean Eastern United States

12. Tropical Storm Allison

Damage (billion USD): $9.0
Season: 2001
Category: Tropical Storm
Deaths: 50
Areas affected: Texas Louisiana and Southern United States

11. Hurricane Georges

Damage (billion USD): $9.72
Season: 1998
Category: 4
Deaths: 604
Areas affected: The Caribbean and United States Gulf Coast

10. Hurricane Frances

Damage (billion USD): $9.85
Season: 2004
Category: 4
Deaths: 49
Areas affected: The Caribbean, Eastern United States and Ontario

9. Hurricane Rita

Damage (billion USD): $12.0
Season: 2005
Category: 5
Deaths: 62
Areas affected: Cuba, United States and Gulf Coast

8. Hurricane Charley

Damage (billion USD): $15.1
Season: 2004
Category 4
Deaths: 40
Areas affected: Jamaica Cayman Islands Cuba Florida The Carolinas

7. Hurricane Irene

Damage (billion USD): $16.6
Season: 2011
Category 3
Deaths: 56
Areas affected: The Caribbean United States East Coast Eastern Canada

6. Hurricane Ivan

Damage (billion USD): $23.3
Season: 2004
Category 5
Deaths: 124
Areas affected: The Caribbean Venezuela United States Gulf Coast

5. Hurricane Andrew

Damage (billion USD): $26.5
Season: 1992
Category: 5
Deaths: 65
Areas affected: The Bahamas Florida United States Gulf Coast

4. Hurricane Wilma

Damage (billion USD): $29.3
Season: 2005
Category: 5
Deaths: 23
Areas affected: Greater Antilles Central America Florida

3. Hurricane Ike

Damage (billion USD):
Season: 2008
Category: 4
Deaths: 195
Areas affected: Greater Antilles Texas Louisiana Midwestern United States

2. Hurricane Sandy

Damage (billion USD): $71.4
Season: 2012
Category: 3
Deaths: 186
Areas affected: The Caribbean United States East Coast Eastern Canada

1. Hurricane Katrina

Damage (billion USD): $125.0
Season: 2005
Category: 5
Deaths: 1883
Areas affected: The Bahamas United States Gulf Coast

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