Revisiting The Epic 1998 Yankees vs Orioles Brawl In GIF Form [31 GIFS]

It was the 8th inning and the Yankees were up by seven runs. The Orioles flamethrower Armando Benitez was on the mound and he intentionally threw a pitch into the back of Yankees’ Tino Martinez. The benches cleared and what ensued was, in our humble opinion, the best brawl in MLB history. 50 steroids fueled beasts were throwing sucker punches and the fight spilling into the dugouts where it finally subsided after six minutes. It was awesome. Let’s revisit the action in GIF form.

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It all started when Tino Martinez was drilled in the back by a 98 MPH fastball from Armando Benitez.

Tino was suffering from back problems that year and Chad Curtis, Jorge, Paul O’Neill and the rest of the Yankees were not feeling it.

Armando is like, “I’m 6′ 4″, 220 and probably on steroids, What you gonna do about it?”

At first things looked like it would be a typical baseball fight with lots of yelling, angry pointing, maybe a few shoves and a whole lot of “hold me back, bro.”

The Ump: “Move along, nothing to see here.” At least that’s what he thought… but one man was plotting…

Darryl Strawberry was ready to go and back up his teammates. He was just waiting for the chance.

…and here come the pitchers, including Graeme Lloyd who wasted no time getting this party started.

The first punches are thrown.

Dafuq? Is Graeme Lloyd throwing haymakers? It’s on!

Boooom! A huge punch to the side of the face from Darryl!

The Orioles have to hold Darryl back because they know he will destroy everyone. But we would see him again in a bit.

It looked as though the Strawberry punch would be the extent of the fight…

…but Girardi knew that would not be the case.

Who wants some?

Tino, you’ve got those crazy eyes.

And just like that a helmet gets tossed, Armando starts throwing more punches and it’s back on.

Boom. Armando gets hit with another huge sucker punch to the side of the face from Darryl…

Goodnight Armando.

and things spilled into the dugout. It’s now a Rocky 5-esque street fight.

and it’s completely out of control.

The security guard has no idea what to do.

Tino chill the fuk out.

Someone get Darryl out of here, this guy is crazy.

These ‘roid heads need to relax, i’m too old for the shit.

Ok, its over

What fight?

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