The 10 Most Talented Street Artists In New York (60 PHOTOS)

Throughout New York, although primarily in Brooklyn, street artists have been flooding the scene with some of the most breathtaking, captivating works of art you’ll ever see. These artists, hailing from all across the globe, have been enlisted to beautify everything from storefronts and old brick walls all the way up to entire buildings! Here’s a look at 10 street artists who have helped change the game, marking the rebirth of New York street art:

WERC (@w3rc)

Werc was born in Ciudad Juarez, Ch. Mexico but grew up in El Paso, Texas, where he spent 20 years mastering his craft. Werc paints, collages and designs based on inspirations that come from symbols, urbanization, letters, language, graffiti, border culture and the nostalgic humor amongst immigrant cultures. All of these influences have enabled Werc to create collective art projects with intentions of dissolving all borders and forms of separation. Werc has done a lot of killer work on the West Coast, which has translated to him starting to appear all over the place in Brooklyn, New York. Here’s a look at some of his best work in NYC:


#Freestyle #medallion for @energeanyc Thanks Mike! #Werc

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Dasic Fernandez (@DasicFernandez)

Dasic Fernandez first started tagging at the age of 13 in Rancagua, Chile, drawing inspiration from the American hip-hop scene as well as the mural culture in South America. Dasic has created several glorious street art murals throughout New York, primarily in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

For @thebushwickcollective #block party in #brooklyn #bushwick #newyork #ny #nyc #dasicfernandez #dasic

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At #wellingcourt #queens #ny #nyc #dasicfernandez #dasic #graffiti #streetar #mural #colors #fluor #melting #woman #spraylife

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Owen Dippie (@owendippie)

Owen Dippie originally hails from New Zealand, where he explores the universal language of art with stunning portraits, pop culture/political pieces and just about everything in between. Dippie is most well-known for his amazing Larger Than Life Project, which reimagines famous paintings as street art murals in unusual places, but his Ninja Turtles mural in Brooklyn, along with other recent street arts murals in the city, have helped put him on the map in New York.


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"The Radiant Madonna " painting in New York for the @thebushwickcollective photo by @halopigg

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Queens New York 2010 with @meresone #timeisillmatic

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"It ain't hard to tell Im the new Jean Michel " new painting in Brooklyn for @thebushwickcollective

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OSH #Mclaren

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Ron English (@ronenglishart)

One of the most prolific street artists in the industry today, Ron English has ascended to superstar status in New York. English coined the term POPaganda in order to summarize his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, spanning from superhero mythology to totems of art history. He has created recognizable characters such as MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the hit movie Supersize Me, Abraham Obama and perhaps his most famous character, Temper Tot (pictured below).

#fabulous #artwall #windwood #windwoodwalls #miami #artist #ronenglish #ronenglishart

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Buff Monster (@buffmonster)

Buff Monster is a well-known tastemaker amongst New York street artists with an extremely diverse portfolio which has been showcased worldwide. Buff Monster uses the color pink, a symbol of confidence, individuality and happiness, in every single piece of artwork that he creates. Buff Monster was featured in Banksy’s Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. His major influences include heavy metal music, ice cream, Pop art, Japanese culture and graffiti. Here’s a look at some of Buff Monster’s work:

Bendy! Photo: @nakedyogachick . #buffmonster #NYC #yoga @instagram

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Jorit Agoch (@joritagoch)

Jorit Agoch was born is a Dutch-Italian artist who hails from Naples. He started painting at the tender age of 13 with a spraycan in his native city Fourth, just north of Naples. For Jorit, writing on the city walls has always been a way to escape from an oppressive world and dive into a more imaginative, stimulating and peaceful one. Through years and years of tagging up walls with his friends, Jorit gained such skill with a spraycan that he is able to create some of the most awe-inspiring portraits in the world! Here’s a look at his work:

#Portrait of @questlove painted with spraycans in #Brooklyn #NY @okayplayer @jimmifallon #AGOCH #KTM

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Alessandro painted on wall with spray cans #Graffiti #PurePainting #JoritAgoch #KTM #Polo #Portrait

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Eelco ‘Virus’ van den Berg (@eelcovirus)

Eelco ‘Virus’ van den Berg is a multidisciplinary street artist hailing from The Netherlands. Having attained worldwide popularity, he has been enlisted to portray his beautiful art in Brooklyn time and time again. His distinctive style draws inspiration from “the hip hop virus,” as he calls it, which refers primarily to the emergence of graffiti. His style evokes the folkloric and the graffuturist and 3-D modeling all in one – this illustrator, painter, graffitist is certainly making an impression with his aerosol work. Here’s a look:

touching up, wiping out the toys @thebushwickcollective #fox #owl #bird #streetart #mural #grafiti

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Todays simple rainy job for playground

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another part of the Brownsville mural #cat #owl #streetart #mural

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cat and mouse, Bushwick. many thanks! @ownsone #cat #mouse #bushwick #streetart #graffiti

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other part @streetartfestival for @montanacans

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it stopped raining! @tagpublicartsproject

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James Bullough (@jamesbullough)

James Bullough is an American-born artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His huge, monumentally scaled site-specific murals as well as his general body of work showcase an unbelievable combination of realistic painting technique and graphic punctuation. Citing gritty urban graffiti and realistic oil painting technique from his study of the Old Masters as his primary inspirations, Bullough has really opened people’s eyes while working in everything from oil, spray paint and ink on canvas. Here’s a look at some of his amazing work:


Smurfo (@smurfoudirty)

Christopher “Smurfo” Weeden was born in Harlem, New York in 1989 but quickly moved to the Clinton Hills area of Brooklyn where he was raised. Smurfo is a member of Brooklyn’s own WCKids, a collective of artists and DJs who are highly-reputable for having hosted some of the best underground warehouse parties and galleries in Brooklyn in recent years. “SmurfoUdirty” is the evolution of a graffiti artist into a contemporary artist. His art is best described as organized chaos, as he works in elements from classic cartoons, strange dreams and the lifestyle of a true New York Native.

Not too bad for the first time . Rocking live at the #gooienyc jam next week too !

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#smurfoudirty #public #art thanks for flicking this ! @gettakick_outtathis

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Shout out @loudangel13 for the flick #smurfoudirty X #adamdare #rollin

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#latenightworks #smurfoudirty #art #stylemileagestrong

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One more from #secretwallsnyc last week ! #peterpanposse #nbt #cs #CADE #KIDER #SMURFO1

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CRASH (@crashone)

John “CRASH” Matos was born in 1961 and grew up in the Bronx, New York. At the age of 13, he began “bombing” (tagging) old train yards in his neighborhood, which eventually translated to his name appearing on trains circulating all throughout NYC. By 1980, CRASH was a recognizable artist on the scene with several gallery exhibits, also curating the ground-breaking “Graffiti Art Success for America” at Fashion MODA. His success continues today, as he has works in many permanent museum collections worldwide. He has created several breathtaking street art murals throughout New York, here’s a look at some of his finest work:

… @izolag and @anandanahu on Brook Ave near 140th St, #uptownbaby

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…here we go, with part 2… N4th and Berry, Brooklyn…

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..the finished piece with @anandanahu and @izolag @firmeforterecords in the Boogiedown, #uptownbaby

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…the final project…. @br163artwork @pinkroseeee #coneyislandartwalls #coneyartwalls #B2B

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Honorable Mention:

Lola the 7-Year-Old Street Artist (@lolatheillustrator)

Lunch break

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