Army Unveils Badass Uniforms Honoring The 82nd Airborne Division For 2016 Army-Navy Game

Saturday, December 10, the USMA Army Black Knights take on the USNA Navy Midshipmen in the annual Army-Navy football game. Overall, Navy is ahead 60–49–7 since the first meet-up over 125 years ago, and Navy has been on a win streak since 2002, but when it comes to uniforms, Army is going to be tough to beat this year.

During World War II, the soldiers of the 82nd Airborne led the invasions of Italy, Normandy, and Holland. Now the Army Black Knights are paying homage to those fearless men and their WWII era paratrooper jump suits with uniforms complete with division patch, oversized 48-star American flag patch, player name tapes, full-color historical unit patches and an improvised camo base layer. The uniforms also feature black and muted gray tones signifying the important night missions carried out by the 82nd Airborne while the helmets showcase an array of authentic, era-specific tactical symbols.

Take a look at the badass uniforms below and the learn the full story behind all the patches and tactical symbols at

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