xHamster Is Now Brewing Beer

Thanks to the craft beer revolution, it seems like everyone is brewing their own beer these days. From publishers like Vice to clothing designers such as Patagonia, a unique brew is the latest way to advertise your brand. Even if your brand is synonymous with hardcore pornography.

xHamster, a streaming pornography website that I most certainly have never heard of or surfed daily via Chrome’s incognito mode, is now getting in on the craft beer craze. xHamster Beer is an 8.5% ABV Belgian tripel brewed with five varieties of malt and two varieties of hops along with organic honey and spices.

Although the over-the-top commercial below would lead you to believe it’s all just a joke, it appears to be legit, with 500 ml bottles available for €3.90 (about $4.20).

So…what kind of pairing guide do you think they’ll put together for their new product?

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