The Improbable Iguana/Snake Escape Narrated By Marshawn Lynch Is Perfection

If you’ve been on the internet in the last month than you’ve most likely seen the heart pounding clip from the BBC’s Planet Earth II. You know the one, an intrepid iguana escaping the clutches of a terrifying snake mob in the Galapagos, but thanks to one brilliant Redditor it’s now even better than before.

Redditor, /u/TheCoachTaylor synced up the iguana’s improbable escape with audio of Marshawn Lynch talking about the run of his life, the “Beast Quake” run, which brang BeastMode into fruition. That 67-yard touchdown run he pulled off in the 2011 NFC Wild Card against the Saints.

In what might be one of the greatest runs in NFL history, Lynch discarded defenders like they were gnats as the crowd in Seattle got so loud that a nearby seismograph registered a small tremor at the stadium.

Watch and listen for a perfect mashup between the two below.

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