What Can We Expect From The Beer World In 2017?

2016 is almost through and while it’s been quite a year all around, with shocking celebrity deaths and even more shocking political triumphs, we’ve seen some big changes in the beer world.

As the popularity of craft brewers continued to grow, the big boys like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors tried to buy up as many of them as possible. Why? Because the craft brewers have an easy time switching over their production to whatever styles are currently the rage. While the macrobreweries play catch-up, the small guys can cater to the changing palates of beer drinkers.

So what are beer lovers imbibing? The love of super hoppy IPAs is waning and 2016 saw a huge surge in sours, especially goses. And the success of sours and other low-alcohol session beers is expected to grow in 2017 as well.

Let’s Grab A Beer asked beer insiders what we can expect in 2017 and the news is good for just about every kind of beer drinker. IPA lovers will see more fruit-tinged offerings, while the popularity of session beers will bring forgotten styles to the forefront. Even smoky German rauchbiers are expected to be big in 2017!

Check out these 10 predictions for the beer world below and start getting thirsty for 2017.

Source: Let’s Grab A Beer

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