A Surprisingly In-Depth Look At Which Nerf Darts Are Most Precise

Anyone who has ever shot a Nerf gun knows how imprecise the darts can be. Just when you think you’ve finally accounted for the accuracy of your decidedly inaccurate toy, the next shot goes nowhere near where the last struck. And before you know it, the enemy has overtaken you and you are drowning in a sea of foam darts.

You might think that after so many years, Nerf dart technology has improved — and you’d be correct — but the fact is, precision varies quite a bit across the many darts available. For proof, look no further than this surprisingly in-depth investigation into which Nerf darts are the most precise. Keep in mind, this isn’t about accuracy, which can be accounted for through aiming, but precision, which is all about how close each dart is to the last when the gun is aimed at the same spot.


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