This Is The Best Way To Cover Up A Tribal Tattoo

As tattoos become increasingly commonplace, more and more of us find ourselves with tattoos from our youth that we now regret. Trust me, as someone with a “scissor grinding” tattoo on his leg, I know what I’m talking about. Hopefully the tattoo is in such a place that only you and your significant other will ever know your shame. But if it isn’t, you then have to decide between laser removal or another tattoo to cover it up.

Laser removal sounds like a good idea until you find out it takes multiple sessions that hurt more than any tattoo and cost as much as your last car. Oh, and after all that, it might not even take. On the other hand, a cover up tattoo is a safe idea, as long as the new art covers up the old stuff while still looking good on its own. And that’s no easy task.

A giant tribal tattoo seems like one of those shameful tattoos that relegates one to 311 shows for the rest of their life — but it doesn’t have to! Lasering such a tat would be costly and leave quite a scar, but in the right hands, it can be transformed into something amazing, as evidenced by this brilliant coverup from The Tattoo Studio Bristol.

What was once a lame, generic tribal tattoo is now an incredible World War II scene that gives all guys in their early 40s hope not to forever look like a douche. But if your looking for The Tattoo Studio Bristol to do the same for you, you’ll need more than a plane ticket to the UK, you’ll also need a lot of patience: since this cover up went viral, the studio has been booked until 2018.

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