Mike Tyson Dropped A Soulja Boy Diss Track And It’s…Not Great

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have taken their Instagram feud to the next level with a boxing match set for March. And while we wouldn’t normally give a damn, they each have a legend in their corner that makes this whole thing a helluva lot more interesting.

Floyd Mayweather, who is promoting the event which will be broadcast from Dubai on pay-per-view, is backing Soulja Boy in the match while Chris Brown has enlisted former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. And Tyson isn’t just training Brown, he’s also getting in on the shit talking with a Soulja Boy diss track that just dropped.

Check out the video for Tyson’s “If You Show Up” below and although the rhymes are as terrible as you’d expect from someone who’s made a career out of getting punched in the head, the video does feature plenty of eye candy.

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