Domino’s Launched A Wedding Registry Because Who Doesn’t Want Pizza?

Wedding registries were probably a great idea before Amazon made it so easy to get anything you could possibly want in two days or less, but nowadays, what could a couple really want aside from cash or gift cards? Pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

Domino’s knows that everyone loves pizza and every occasion is made better with a slice or two — even weddings. That’s why this week Domino’s launched the world’s first pizza wedding registry.

Sadly, you can’t use the service to surprise the bride and groom with a dozen Hawaiian pies and plenty of Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake at their swanky reception. Instead, it’s just a bunch of cleverly themed eGift cards that the happy — and hungry — couple can use at their leisure. Of course, if they’re not total jerks, they’ll use it at the reception so everyone can enjoy. Beef, chicken or fish? Not when there’s pizza around!

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