Watch Barack Obama Dominate The Court In ‘NBA 2K17’

Barack Obama may be 6’1″ and 55 years old, but that doesn’t mean the former POTUS can;t be an NBA star. Wait a sec, it probably does — at least in real life. But in the fictional world of basketball video game NBA 2K17, anything is possible.

Utilizing the MyCareer mode of the popular basketball video game, German YouTuber NykeFaller created a character with that looks just like Obama but is actually a college-aged kid nicknamed “Prez” who is best friends with Michael B. Jordan. After Obama’s recent kiteboarding adventure in real life, it’s good to see him again — even if it’s just a simulation. Nyke teased about turning the adventures of “Prez” into a series, so hopefully we’ll see him again to get our Obama fix during these trying times.


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