13 Valentine’s Day Cocktails You’ll Have To Choke Down Tonight [Infographic]

Remember what it was like when you went out to drink as a single man? You could get a draft beer and a shot of rotgut whiskey for just $5 and although you often went home alone, you were so buzzed it didn’t really matter. Now you find yourself in a relationship, leaving the neighborhood sports bar behind only to imbibe $15 craft cocktails served by a guy with suspenders and a stupid mustache at a place made out of old wood pallets. Ain’t love grand? And today, Valentine’s Day, is the worst day of all. Not only will you fork out big bucks for small plates at some tapas crap-shack while longing for Buffalo Wild Wings, you’ll also have to drink some kind of sickly sweet cocktail for two when all you really need is some bourbon and a glass. So while there’s no getting around drinking those Valentine’s Day specialty drinks, you can at least save a few bucks and pretend to be more romantic by making them at home with the help of this infographic from ForRent.com. And who knows, you might just find one you actually like. Just don’t tell the fellas down at the sports bar…

Source: ForRent.com

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