Senator Kid Rock Could Happen In 2018 Because Everything Is Crazy

Kid Rock has been charged multiple times with assault, has a sex tape with Creed’s Scott Stapp and often uses the Confederate flag as a stage backdrop — in addition to making some of the most aurally offensive music. In the past, these sorts of things would immediately disqualify him from holding office. But this is post-President Trump world and Kid Rock, born Robert James Ritchie, could be a Republican candidate for senate in 2018.

Roll Call is reporting that Kid Rock’s name came up as a possible Republican contender for Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow’s Senate seat in 2018. Despite referring to himself as a Libertarian, he has supported numerous Republican candidates in recent years including Mitt Romney, Ben Carson and Donald Trump. In fact, Kid Rock’s webstore currently sells plenty of pro-Trump merchandise.

Debbie Stabenow has held the seat since 2000 and the race is rated strongly Democrat, but Republicans are confidant since Trump won Michigan in 2016 — a first for a Republican since 1988. Of course, they might want to see what happens with Trump’s presidency before pushing another entertainer with absolutely no experience.

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