The Numbers Behind The Biggest Film Heists Of All Time

Whether it’s the evil villains of the Die Hard series or the lovable conmen of the Ocean’s Trilogy, Hollywood has a way of making dangerous and illegal heists seem like a lot of fun. Bu in the end, is it ever really worth it? Van Insurance ran the numbers.

Using 56 of the biggest film heists since 1956, GoCompare found that while only 41% of the heists are successful — and another 27% avoid at least getting caught — the high stakes make it a gamble worth taking. So what movie heist ranked number one? While the hundreds of millions stolen in the Ocean’s Trilogy are nothing to sneeze at, even the combined value of all their heists can’t compare to the $140 billion worth of gold stolen in Die Hard with a Vengeance. It’s just a good thing the Ocean’s crew didn’t have to face off against John McClane.


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