How Long Does Opened Wine Last? [Infographic]

Finishing off a bottle of wine in one sitting is not very difficult when you’re sharing, but sometimes you want to enjoy wine even when you’re home alone or maybe you and your friends want to try a few different wines. Then you find yourself with a fridge full of open bottles, playing a game of wine Russian roulette over the next few days as you try to figure out which are still fine to drink. And while there are no set in stone rules, there are some generalities that hold true.

Red wines can last another three to five days after opening as long as they’re kept in a cool and dry place. White wines can last five days after opening when kept in the fridge. But those trendy sparkling wines? You’ll only have a day or two to finish them off. Learn these tips and what to expect from your wine in that period in this handy infographic from that might just save you from pouring perfectly good wine down the drain.