Pong Enters The Real World In This High-Tech Coffee Table

Pong may be almost 45 years old, but the classic video game has entertained all of us at some points in our lives, despite — or maybe because of — its straightforward gameplay and simple graphics. And while we enjoy having the latest and greatest in gaming technology, sometimes it’s nice to return to the classics — especially when they get a contemporary upgrade. An actual physical Pong game built into a high-tech coffee table? That certainly counts!

Table Pong Project began as a plan to bring the digital Pong into the real world via magnets, motors, retro sounds and bouncing lights. As the developers shared their progress online, fans suggested upgrades including a clock, Bluetooth streaming and phone charging via four USB ports. The result is a high-tech twist on those classic Atari tabletop games that we all ruined with greasy pizza slices in the ’80s.

So how can you get one? The Table Pong Project is currently raising funds via Kickstarter, with more than one-third of the goal met and weeks left in the campaign. It looks like there are still a few early-bird specials available for just $900 before the price shoots up to $1100 (retail is expected to be $1690). And if all goes to plan, you’ll be able to enjoy this awesome piece of furniture by Christmas!