Here’s How To Make Your Favorite Cocktails From ‘The Simpsons’ [Video]

Recently we shared a video featuring some of the most stomach-churning foods from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and alternate recipes to make them much more palatable. That’s all well and good when you’ve got a hankering for rum ham or milk steak, but what if you want to wash it all down with a fictional cocktail from The Simpsons?

Over the last 28 years, Homer Simpson has shared some pretty disgusting drinks like the Flaming Homer and Skittlebrau, but could such concoctions ever make it in the real world? The YouTube mixologist at Cocktail Chemistry quickly learned that Homer knows absolutely nothing about making a cocktail, but that doesn’t mean the drinks are completely hopeless. Watch the TV recipes made side-by-side with less funny but ultimately more tasty versions in the video below. Now what about Moe’s Forget-Me-Shot?


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