‘Baby Driver’ Is Getting Near Perfect Reviews Amidst the Release of It’s Second Trailer

Initial reviews are coming out of the woodwork and it looks as though Baby Driver is going to be the blockbuster hit of the summer. Movie critics have been sworn to secrecy, but the lucky few who managed to see a screener are all going bonkers over it ahead of it’s June 28th premiere.

Ansel Elgort tunes out as Baby, an expert getaway driver with a nasty case of tinnitus that he can only suppress with the help of a rotating iPod playlist. He’s gotten involved with some bad folk (Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm play his literal partners in crime) and he wants out, but leaving his illicit life behind won’t be so easy. He wants to sweep up his sweetheart Deborah (portrayed by Lily James of Downton Abbey fame) and drive off into the sunset, but his Spacey-played boss has other, more threatening plans.

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