Check Out California’s Super Bloom From Space In GIF Form

If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the last month, you have undoubtedly seen hundreds of overly-saturated photos of women in bug sunglasses and flowing hippy garb trampling the flowers of the California super bloom. About once every decade, when conditions are just right, southern California’s landscape comes alive with the orange, purple and yellow blooms of hundreds of wildflower species. The super bloom is such a stark difference from the former drought-stricken landscape that it can be even be seen from space.

Planet Labs, a start-up founded by three ex-NASA engineers, captured hi-res satellite images of Carrizo Plain National Monument, Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge and Los Padres National Forest before and after the bloom. See the incredible change in the GIFs below. And if you missed the southern California bloom, which has since passed, don’t fret; Visit California has a guide to where you can see the super bloom next as it moves north.

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