Illustrator Transforms Dusty Cars Into Brilliant Works Of Art

No one can resist leaving behind a drawing on a particularly dusty car, but since the majority of us lack any sort of artistic talent, we tend to leave behind nothing but crude representations of weiners or strings of vulgarities. But while we are making the world a worse place with our dust art, there are those who possess the ability to transform dirt into beauty.

Nikita Golubev is a Moscow-based artist and illustrator who is constantly on the look out for new mediums. His latest obsession is drawing on the dusty car, trucks and vans of Moscow and the internet is loving him for it. Check out some of his work from his Instgram, @proboynick, below and keep up with Nikita’s latest work on Facebook.

#dirtycarart #dïrty #streetart #unique #alaprima #grafic #animalism #realism #bigbrush #bigformat #blackandwhite

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Trying out some new techniques #morningexercises #onthewalk #dirtyart #dustbrushing

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#dustbrushing #dirtycarart #lillies #morningexercises #streetart #alaprima #rawart

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