Ben & Jerry’s Offering Chill-aco Ice Cream Tacos On 4/20

April 20 has become an unofficial holiday where all of us — even those of us who pass on grass — can enjoy the munchie-fueled lifestyle by indulging in decadent treats that only someone under the influence could dream up. Ben & Jerry’s is fully aware of how popular their ice cream is with this crowd and for the last couple years has offered the Brrr-ito on 4/20. This year the same idea is being applied to a different shape with the Chill-aco.

As the name implies, the Chill-aco is a taco/ice cream hybrid, with ice cream, cookie crumbles, caramel, and fudge drizzles on taco-shaped waffle cones. The two scoops of ice cream can be whatever flavors you wish — just imagining the possibilities already has us feeling high! To find out where you can get your very own Chill-aco on Thursday, check out the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop Locator. I’m thinking Phish Food and Chocolate Fudge Brownie…

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