Take A VR Tour Of The Playboy Mansion With Cooper Hefner

Every guy has dreamed of partying at the Playboy Mansion but the fact is, most of us will never get the chance to do so. And after viewing this VR tour of the Playboy Mansion, that’s probably for the best.

In celebration of Playboy’s May/June 2017 Playmate of the Year issue, Hugh Hefner’s son and current Playboy Chief Creative Officer, Cooper Hefner teamed with Inception to produce a short 360-degreed VR tour of the famous mansion. Unfortunately, we don’t get a glimpse of any sexy parties, but we do get a look at the decidedly unsexy, staid library and theater room.

You can check out the tour at Playboy and while Cooper does offer some interesting anecdotes — like the time John Lennon put out his cigarette on a Matisse — this is definitely one of those times we wish we didn’t look behind the curtain and ruin our fantasies.

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